Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Big Fresno Fair

Well, I guess that I am the lurker. Enjoying what Colette has done and happy to just sit back and read. I was very overwhelmed with all of the Quilts that were on display at Fresno Fair these past 2 weeks, so felt that this was my time to write. The displays were amazing, the quilts were wonderful and it was such a treat to see such fabulous workmanship. Some names I recognized and some I did not and that was wonderful to see such a great interest in this wonderful median of quilting.

Do you recognize these girls? Nancy and her faithful cohort are educating the masses on what a wonderful Guild Fresno has and all of the wonderful benefits that the Guild has to offer.

Piecing and applique always make a wonderful quilt, and this one is no exception.

This was a wonderful quilt with the frog, that was just too cute for words.

Our Annual Quilting Retreat that we host at Bass Lake in both the Spring and the Fall has been commemorated by Kathleen P. Her memories, along with her roommates; who are photo transferred on the porch of the Chalet, are a wonderful tribute to their weekend of fun.

Quilters Paradise is the Official Sponsor for the following 2 categories at the Fresno Fair. One is for Best of Show in Hand Quilting and the other is for Best of Show in Machine Quilting. It was such a treat to see these 2 wonderful quilts hanging in such a predominant place, Glenda B was the winner of the Hand Quilting.

and Ann D was the winner of the Machine Quilting. Kudos to both of these ladies. Some of you might remember the wonderful quilt that Ann did for the Fresno Philharmonic last year as their fundraiser, it was done in Golds, Blacks and had the signatures of some of the guest artists that had performed for the Philharmonic.

Theresa P was the maker of this quilt, don't know what to do with those wonderful florals that are on the Market now; how about a vertical row Quilt.

Gerry P congratulations on a work well done.

Does this look familiar to all ? This Quilt pattern is one of those that withstands the test of time. Always beautiful, no matter what colors they are done in.

Devina got People's Choice, woo-hoo, you go girl !

Remember that there is always next year, so get started on those quilts ladies.

Until next time,


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